Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well Texas... I Tried

I have mentioned a few times that I have a son who attends The University of Texas in Austin. Greg has wanted to study at UT since he was in first grade. Though UT is an excellent school providing a top notch education, this isn't why Greg is a student there. It's Football! Yep, the boy bleeds Longhorn burnt orange.

Ok, I'm not a sports fan but a good mama roots for their child's happiness. I wear my “Texas Longhorn Mom” shirt proudly and dutifully check the score of the games during the commercial breaks on Lifetime. This year has been rough for the Longhorns so I wanted to do something for Greg and his 3 roommates to lift their spirits and bring luck to the team. So while making my Halloween cookies for my kids, I made the Austin boys some special treats.

I gave Greg the cookies during the week and hoped for the best on Saturday. Obviously my cookies weren't enough to earn a victory but I hope they were enough to show my son how much I love him.

Go Longhorns!
(My son on the far left painted and cheering) 


  1. I am sure he appreciated the thought and the snack!!

  2. Your cookies really rocks! They are gorgeous, I'm sure your son would love this. This would certainly make any son happy! Hope his team wins!

  3. If these cookies couldn't clench the win, nothing could. I was there in person too and that game was nothing short of painful. Brutal actually. But these cookies are winners! Adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Maybe you should make a batch for the team next time? I am sure they will be inspired!

  5. Those longhorn cookies are darling. I miss attending college football and the excitement of the games. I went to the University of Arkansas and Texas was a big rival school in my day. It was a long time ago and Daryl Royal was the coach at Texas then.

  6. What great looking cookies -- that would be like my son to go to school for the football and not the school! I am following you back. Joni


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