Sunday, February 13, 2011

CSN Review and Texas Girl Outsmarts the Snow

I’ve always made my cookies by hand using a spoon to drop them on a cookie sheet. Works for me so I’ve never changed. I recently received the OXO small and medium cookie scoop from CSN. Scooping the cookies was faster than dropping them by the spoonful and they were all the same size. I also use the small scoop for ice cream creating a pretty bowl of different flavors. Sometimes an old dog can learn new tricks.

Texas Girl

We aren’t used to having snow in my area of Texas and this year we’ve had our fill. My mother, who lives in the Dallas area, was stuck in her house for a week because of the snow and ice. Because we aren’t prepared for this amount of ice and snow, she was stumped on how to get out of her garage since her driveway and alley was a sheet of ice. So what did she use for traction? Dog Food! It worked great even though her dogs looked at her like she was crazy. Her story made me giggle all day. Can’t keep a Texas gal down.

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  1. Tried scoops but find the mixture sticks in them.


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