Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chocolate Prezel Candy

I have been trying to watch my diet. Nothing crazy, just sensible meals to get back to pre holiday weight. I love having a sweet treat after meals and I hit the jackpot. My daughter read an article stating that having a small dessert after meals actually tells your mind that you are done eating. By finishing with a meal with something sweet, your palate feels complete and you are satisfied. Awesome, something in writing that allows me to splurge a little.

I had some pretzels and chocolate chips in the pantry so I thought a small candy would be perfect. These little candies were easy, quick and great tasting.

Chocolate Pretzel Candy

1/3 bag of pretzels
1 ½ cups chocolate chips, I used bittersweet
Mini candy cups

Crush the pretzels in a plastic bag

Melt chocolate in microwave, approximately 1 ½ minutes

Stir pretzels into melted chocolate

Spoon into candy cups, I put the cups in a mini muffin pan

Place candy in fridge til set

Yield: 24 pieces of candy


  1. Thanks for leaving a question on my blog. I answered it today in my post. I put a link from my blog, MY Kind of Cooking, to your blog. I hope you don't mind. I will remove it if you prefer.


  2. Chocolate..... Pretzels...... Candy....

    You had me at hello! lol. In the UK we use to have these actually in packets, some of them were chocolate and the others were white fudge flavoured. they were awesome but they cant be bought here anymore. Thankyou for sharing :)


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