Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stuffed Burger Project

I have an idea for a stuffed burger but have failed at my attempts before. I think the only way to successfully create a stuffed burger that stays stuffed is to use a hamburger press. This way the meat is evenly distributed, not too thick and can be sealed. I have purchased a hamburger press from William Sonoma that I’m anxious to try. I will let you know the results and how the recipe progresses this weekend.

Stuffed Burger Project:   my idea

A burger stuffed with pepper jack cheese and bacon. I’m going to try to use two ¼ lb to 1/3 lb patties pressed thinly in the hamburger press. I feel the press is needed because it can be difficult to seal the edges of the hamburger but also to flatten the hamburger enough that it can be cooked through. I also don’t want to create a massive burger that no one could finish. The press controls the amount of meat used.

I’m excited to try this recipe over the weekend with my family at the beach. This is our annual trip and I hope this burger will impress everyone.

I can’t wait to share the results with you and the exact recipe that works. If I enjoy this hamburger press as much as I think I will the ideas for these burgers is endless. 

I couldn't find the exact press I purchased. Maybe because I bought mine at the William Sonoma outlet near my house. But here's an option for you.

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